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“We’ve just had a fantastic time … people have been so friendly. Nobody has been threatening. We highly recommend Mexico Vacation Tours.”  Dick & Shirley Good, Michigan

“When you travel with their tour guides, they really know the places you are going.” Nina Juul Anderson, Denmark

“We have been wanting to visit those wonderful Monarch butterflies for years and were finally able to see them. Mexico Vacation Tours put together a trip that included the artist town of San Miguel de Allende, two days at different butterfly reserves, and a surprise trip to a charming hot springs resort. We flew in to Leon and were met as promised at the airport (always a little concerning, but no problems) and taken to our first destination. We had wonderful, knowledgeable local guides. That was important because we wanted to learn about the local flora and fauna. We got more than we expected or asked for, so this was an excellent adventure and we would do it again in a minute.” Laurie Young & Kay Caskie / Michigan

 “We had probably one of the best trips we ever had to México because we really felt we were in México and not in México’s version of North America or Europe.”  (on a tour in the state of Veracruz)  Mimi Bell, Pennsylvania 

 “I am writing a book about Hernan Cortez and the conquest of Mexico. We designed (with the help of Mexico Vacation Tours) a trip to follow his tracks from where he came ashore in Veracruz to Mexico City …  It was a fabulous trip. I was also amazed by the pre-Hispanic remains/artifacts and works of art found in the museums and the many beautiful colonial cities we saw. We did not encounter a lot of American tourists but mostly just people from Mexico in these gorgeous cities with four and five hundred year old churches with gold alters. Thank you for this fantastic trip.  Charlie & Brenda Ford / Washington state 

 “… I especially liked visiting the cemeteries at night where there were thousands of candles burning., music, and flowers everwhere…”  (Oaxaca’s Day of the Dead tour)  Mariel Aguilar / Puebla, Mexico 

 “As seasoned travelers to Mexico, we were interested in finding something different — and we found it with Discover Veracruz Tours (parent company to Mexico Vacation Tours). Our 6-day customized itinerary took us through the state of Veracruz, including the start of Cortez’s route into Mexico, three impressive Pre-Hispanic archeological sites, the Xalapa Anthropology Museum (reputed to be the second best in Mexico), “Magical Towns” of Xico and Coatepec in the mountains, and the beautiful Lake Catemaco in southern Veracruz with fascinating flora and fauna, as well as boating and hiking to waterfalls. Our superb guide, Jorge, shared his extensive knowledge of the culture, nature, history and cuisine of Veracruz. Speaking of cuisine, we’ve never had such fresh and delicious seafood. Per our request, Jorge took us to restaurants overlooking a lake, a river, a lagoon, an estuary, and the Gulf of Mexico. How’s that for service? We couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining and friendly guide. As part of our visit to the El Tajin archeological site, we also saw the renowned “Papantla Flyers.” Discover Veracruz handled all the logistics, including lodging and transportation by private vehicle. The trip surpassed our high expectations.” Ron & Susan Weiss / California  

 “Their guides know all the locals. You don’t go to all the touristy places. You go to all the more neat places; the more local places.”  Tine Olsen, Denmark 

 “Our first adventure was to see the Monarch butterflies in Michocan, continuing on to Puebla and surrounding cities. Tour was well planned and we both had researched archeological sites and cities we could visit. We enjoyed it so much we came back a second year (14 days) and visited hot springs, gorge, sites and cities in different parts of Mexico. Calakmul was a highlight, a site well hidden and void of tourists. We enjoyed Merida on the eastern tip. Mike planned for guides to enlighten us at sites and in cities. We enjoyed Oaxaca and Mike even made a foto gallery of our trip with music. This year we traveled to Mexico City to visit the museums and to San Miguel Allende before heading south to Taxco and our last favorite days in Veracruz where our host guide’s family lives. His cook taught me how to make tortillas at breakfast. There are so many quaint cities teeming with history and the food is wonderful! The historical sites gave us an insight to OUR North American history. Throughout our 3 trips with Mexico Vacation Tours, they ALWAYS tried to please us, the customer.” Tom & Sonja Fesenmier / New Jersey 

 I had the privilege of working with Mike (owner & director) and his guides on a press trip through the state of Veracruz. I am a travel writer and my demographic is the “young, sexy, and broke” backpacker crowd. On this trip, I was looking for an authenticity and adventure, for cheap. At first I was a little skeptical – I figured if there were great adventures to be had in Mexico, I would have already heard about them. And I had already traveled to over 70 countries so I wasn’t expecting a part of Mexico I knew nothing about to wow me like it did. … I spent two weeks in Veracruz – needless to say I was blown away by the adventures here. I didn’t even get a chance to try them all (rafting, others). 

(Travel writer, Brian Biros talks about  his experiences ATVing in Veracruz) ATV riding in the sand dunes of Chachalacas on the gulf coast – These dunes made the huge sand dunes of my state park growing up look like they were built in a sand box. To compare them to the world famous dunes in the UAE that every Dubai tourist is told to do, these dunes are just as massive and impressive. But the Chachalacas dunes have some much needed forest breaks, a river, and the long beautiful gulf coast. But it’s what you can DO here where there really is no comparison. In Dubai, they’ll pack you into a big SUV while a driver whips you around the dunes, but that is nothing like driving your own ATV (and these are serious vehicles) anywhere you want to go for hours, including straight down the 400 foot vertical drops. Price is far cheaper than you’d find for an ATV experience in the USA, and you get much more out of it.

FOOD – Delicious. And INSANELY cheap. I recall one meal, where the restaurant was just the living room of a local family, where I had 4 tacos and a pop. There were 5 of us. The bill was $7 – TOTAL.
CULTURE – This is the real Mexico. You wander around these towns and don’t hear a word of English. No high rise American hotel chains. No $7 margaritas. Just real Mexicans living a real Mexican life.