First Time to Mexico Beach Resort – What to Expect


One morning while attending a tourism conference in Cancun, we entered the elevator on our floor of one of the all-inclusive resorts to go down to the lobby and then catch a shuttle bus to the conference center.

When the elevator doors opened, there was a couple already in it who looked to be from the United States. We said Good Morning to them in English. They responded in English. 

After some quick small talk, the man’s face became serious as he asked us this question. 

“What are all these Mexicans doing here at this resort?”

Evidently they had the idea that all the people who vacation at the all-inclusive Cancun resorts were going to be from the US and only speak English. 

They told us they came to Cancun to “enjoy Mexico.” However, they were upset that they had to listen to Mexicans speaking their Spanish all around them at their resort hotel. 

Ok, so where did they get this idea that only tourists from the United States go to Cancun? 

Answer: travel agents, travel companies, TV, radio ads, and internet. 

The millions of dollars of advertising invested each year to entice US tourists to travel to places like Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Cabo San Lucas always only showcase good-looking young and older “Americans” enjoying Mexico’s all-inclusive beach resorts. 

These ads never mention the fact that Russians, Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Africans, Canadians, South Americans, and Mexican tourists also go there to enjoy Mexico’s Caribbean beaches, restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

These promotional ads never mention that on your Mexico vacation, you may have to share your resort beach with other tourists who may be speaking Mandarin Chinese or French or Spanish or ???   

From this chance encounter with these US tourists in the elevator that morning at one of the all-inclusive Cancun resorts, the idea for this short informational video was sparked.

We figured that if they had this misconception of only English speaking people going to Mexico’s beach resort locations, others may have that same misconception too.

Note: We are always curious to hear about your comments regarding this subject. We would love to hear from you. 

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