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About México Vacation Tours

MexicoVacationTours.com is owned and operated by Go Now Adventures LLC., a recognized U.S. limited liability company with offices in Illinois, USA and Veracruz, México.

The founder and CEO is Mike Vondruska. Since 1996, he has been traveling repeatedly to México to learn more and more about their regional customs, rich history, and its extensive geographic diversity. Over the years, Mike developed a special affection for the pristine outdoor beauty, time honored traditions, and the local good-natured people he discovered all throughout the country of México.

Mike’s goal in creating México Vacation Tours – To introduce intrepid travel vacationers to explore the many incredible and diverse regions found outside of the well-publicized México coastal resort areas.

Most foreigners are only familiar with México’s sun & sand places like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas mainly because of all the advertising through print, billboards, major tourism companies, and of course, travel agents. All-inclusive resort package deals are found all over the internet and on colorful posters and brochures at travel agencies.

Mike and his staff always tell people if they want to go to an all-inclusive México resort, talk to a travel agent. If they want to see the “REAL” México, then talk with us.

Our small group trips are always lead by knowledgeable bilingual host guides who are from México. After all, who knows a place better than the people who live in the area.

On our Mexico Vacation Tours website, you will find a variety of different styles of vacation trips to accommodate many interests. Some of our tours are geared to entice the most adventurous adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts and some were designed for those who were just looking for a peaceful laidback and un-crowded “real” México cultural experience. We also help travelers to custom design their own special México trip based on their vacation time frame and interests.

Whether your vacation preference is to stay in one or two places during your trip and spoke out from there each day to explore or you like the idea of a México Road Trip where you will be visiting many cities and places along a route, we are your “go to” source for making it happen.

Mike Vondruska along with his support staff, and local knowledgeable and fun bilingual tour guides are all dedicated to helping you to create a most enjoyable, memorable, eco-friendly, and adventurous (or laidback) México vacation.

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Some of our trips are geared to entice the most adventurous adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts and some were designed for those who were just looking for a peaceful laidback and un-crowded “real” México experience.

For the inquisitive amateur archaeologists and those with a thirst for history, our guides can lead you on a  México expedition to visit many of the archaeological zones, historical sites, and interesting museums found throughout the country.

We love creating México Road Trips for travelers! If that is of interest to you, click over to What We Offer and see our list of Road Trip ideas.

Looking for a family  “togetherness vacation?” We can design one just for your clan to include a touch of history, cultural immersion, and a few very cool outdoor adventure activities which will excite and thrill old and young alike.

– Multi-day adventure, cultural, and historical vacation travel trips throughout the country of México

– Personalized custom-designed trips tailored to your vacation desires

Our big specialty talent is in creating México Road Trips where you get to visit many cities and places throughout the country during your exploration vacation in México.

Here are 10 Road Trip ideas to help jump start your vacation planning to México.

  1. Visiting the major archaeological ruins sites found throughout the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo
  2. México City – Tlaxcala – Puebla – Veracruz
  3. México City – Puebla – Oaxaca
  4. Los Mochis – El Chepe Train – Copper Canyon – Chihuahua City
  5. San Luis Potosi – San Miguel de Allende – Guanajuato – Guadalajara – Puerto Vallarta
  6. Cabo San Lucas – La Paz – Loreto
  7. Guanajuato – San Miguel de Allende – Butterfly Sanctuaries – Morelia
  8. México City – Toluca – Valle de Bravo – Butterfly Sanctuaries – Morelia
  9. México City – Cuernavaca – Taxco – México City
  10. México City – Hidalgo – Queretaro – Guanajato – San Luis Potosi

If you like colorful festivals, then ask us about these two.

  1. Oaxaca’s Day of the Dead Celebration
  2. CARNIVAL in Veracruz (the 2nd largest in Latin America)

Whether your group consists of 2 people or 200, our staff can help you design an itinerary to fit your travel goals complete with transportation, bilingual guides, and accommodations.

In 3 words, the reason to travel with us is because, quite simply … WE KNOW MEXICO!

Owner & director, Mike Vondruska and his staff have invested considerable time traveling throughout the Mexican countryside and many of the small to large cities to search for the best local tour providers who have the most interesting places to explore and outdoor activities to enjoy.

We then actually go on their trips to insure that their professionalism is up to high standards. In many cases, we work with these local México tour operators to help tweak their itineraries and give them ideas on how to create even better guest care services.

So as you can see, we are very aggressive when it comes to providing an interesting, fun, and memorable itinerary combined with attentive guest services, and most importantly, attention to your safety. Every trip we advertise on this site has already been personally “screened” by one of our staff.

For more information about our relationship with these local suppliers, please read our Terms & Conditions statement.

Here are 3 More Reasons Why You Should Book With Us!

#1   We only promote tours to the many interesting regions found in the country of México

Many of the huge tour companies advertise pages and pages of trips which may span the entire world.  Sounds good, right? But did you ever wonder how they can really be intimate “experts” on everywhere?   If you look at our portfolio of diverse cultural and adventure tours, you won’t find trips to a multitude of countries. We don’t pretend to know the best places to go in every country under the sun.

Instead, we only focus our expertise solely on one country; México.

We decided to laser target our efforts to really find the best of everything throughout the country of México. Then we went a step further to uncover those hidden gems, those off-the-beaten-path places that most people don’t know about.

It might be experiencing a local traditional festival in a small Mexican village, finding ancient carvings on rocks located just off the main road, knowing about a rancher who will take people on a rustic horseback trail ride, or finding the best vantage point for a sweeping view of a magnificent valley below.

When you specialize in just one country, you can really become a trusted source for historical, cultural, and adventure travel for those who would like to visit.

 #2   All our knowledgeable bilingual guides are from México

After all, who is more qualified to lead you on a cultural and adventure vacation than someone who knows the area intimately because they live there.

Our native guides know about the local customs, traditions, and the best places to visit. They know the local delicacies and what’s growing in the fields alongside the roads. They know where the good restaurants are located and where the best places are to get some icecream. In other words, our México guides know much more about the area you will be visiting than a foreign guide will ever know. On our trips, you may even get invited to meet your guide’s family and friends.

Our local guides are proud of their country and are honored to be your host when you come to visit them. Over the years, they have received many great reviews from our former travel guests about how knowledgeable, fun, and attentive they had been as a guide.

#3   Small Group Tours of 2-5 and 6-14 Travelers

It could be you and your significant other, you and your family, you and your friends, or you and some other like-minded “soon to be friends” who have that same intrepid spirit of adventure and wonder as you do. With a small band of travelers, there will be a more relaxed feel to your trip. Your local host guide will be much more accessible for answering your questions and catering to your needs. The transition from visiting one place to another should be much smoother as it is more unlikely that you will have to wait for stragglers which happens more frequently when you are a part of a large tour group. Small group travel is the best way to go.

Note: That being said, many of our trips can accommodate a larger group size. So if you do happen to have a group of more than 14 people, we can set up your trip with 21 passenger Sprinter vans and if necessary, comfortable and modern coach tour buses with larger seating capacities. FYI – Our biggest tour group to date has been 74 people.

Whether you decide to go on one of our advertised tours or let us help you custom design a special interest trip, know that you will be in good hands. You can look to MexicoVacationTours.com to be your Best Trusted Source for México Travel Exploration Vacations.

The wonders of México are waiting for you. We would be honored to show you around.

All of our English/Spanish guides are natives of México. We believe the best way to really take in the “flavor” of the regions you are visiting in México is to have a guide who lives, works, and plays there. Your guide will be intimately familiar with the areas you will visit. They will know the history of the region, the foods you will eat, and may even know the names of many plants, trees, and the wildlife you encounter.

Depending on your trip itinerary, you may also be led by local specialty guides such as certified scuba instructors, fishing guides, ATV guides, river rafting guides, anthropologists, historian, horseback guide, experts in growing orchids or coffee or vanilla or . . . you get the idea.

A big plus is that OUR GUIDES ARE FUN! They will treat you like a friend and in no time at all, you will be enjoying each others’ company. Over and over again, our past travel guests have given many glowing remarks after traveling with one of our tour guides.

You book the Sun & Sand Resort places and let us help you book the rest of México.

We are confident your clients will enjoy discovering the rich history, culture, outdoor adventure opportunities, and all of its captivating natural geographic beauty.

Since 2007, we have guided hundreds of enthusiastic travelers to many regions of  México.
Many of them were clients of travel agencies and other tour companies. We can help you with FITs as well as small and large group tours to explore all the wonders the country of  México has to offer.

Who would be interested in booking a trip to the non-resort areas of México?

Cultural Immersion Experiences
Travelers who prefer to interact with the local people in their natural surroundings void of commercialized tourism.

Exciting Outdoor Adventure Challenges
You know the type; enthusiasts of whitewater river rafting, ziplining, kayaking, biking, hiking, rappelling …

Family Adventure Vacations
Parents who want to have outdoor family fun with their children and also introduce them to a different culture without having to travel half a world away to another continent.

People Who Love the Food, the Culture, the Ancient Ruins – Everything About México
They have been to the all-inclusive resort areas in México and are now looking for a “NEW” region in México to explore.

Your Client Can Choose From:

Exciting Action-Oriented Outdoor Adventures
Fun Family Adventure Vacations (no all-inclusives)
Relaxed Small Town Cultural Immersion Trips
Historical & Archaeological Ruins Exploration
Custom Made Trips

We would love for you to come and experience our trips first-hand! Let us know of your interest and we can arrange a good discounted deal for you. The many regions of México are fascinating and fun places to visit. We invite you to come and discover ALL that México has to offer your clients.

We are here to serve and help you by providing you with all the materials necessary to entice your clients to come on one of our exciting trips or to help create a custom trip just for them.

We look forward to helping you design some great México vacations for your adventurous clients
Call or email us today and let’s “Talk México!”
Please contact Mike Vondruska, Director | 1-800-766-1437 | mike at mexicovacationstours.com