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Mexico Vacation Tours Oaxaca's Pacific Coast Exploration Tour (8) (Custom) (2)

A México beach vacation in Oaxaca overlooking the warm waters of the big blue Pacific is your ticket for a very laidback tropical experience. You won’t usually find the crowded beaches here like you might in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Tour Activities:  Beach Time / Boat Rides / City Tours / Dancing / Snorkeling / Swimming / Wildlife Viewing

You Will Visit:  Huatulco / Puerto Escondido / Pacific Coastal Villages in Oaxaca, México

2018 Tour Dates:  August 8-15  /  November 4-11  

2019 Tour Dates:  May 1-8  /  August 27-September 4  /  November 23-30

Tour Prices:  $1427 USD per adult / $740 USD per child (6-11)

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Note:  Tour dates listed above include day of arrival & departure

  • Interested in making this a private tour for 2-12 people? Please contact us for available dates and special trip price.
  • Want to customize this tour to fit your vacation schedule & interests?  We can help you. Just contact us and let’s get creative!



  • View big sea turtles up-close.  We mean in-the-water-right-next-to-them–up-close
  • Watch surfers tackle monster waves … sometimes as high as a 3-story building
  • Stroll around the beach resort city of Huatulco
  • Visit the National Mexican Turtle Sanctuary
  • Hang out barefoot under a warm tropical sun at a small palapa-on-the-beach restaurant/bar sipping a cold drink as you get lost in your thoughts just watching the waves roll in.
  • Learn Salsa Dancing from a local instructor.
  • Help release cute baby turtles safely into the ocean.
  • Ride in an open air boat as it winds its way through a series of lagoons connected by narrow watery channels with cool looking gnarled mangrove trees on either side and tropical birds in the air and on its shores.  (It’s actually one of México’s National Parks)
  • Swim in a lagoon at night under a moonless sky surrounded by millions of microscopic plankton where your every movement creates a chemical reaction in the water causing a white glow to surround your body.  It’s called bioluminescence. It is also called, Very Cool! Plus, if the night is cloudless, you can actually see our Milky Way Galaxy, complete with millions of stars.

These activities and more are waiting for you when you sign up for this most excellent Oaxaca coastal adventure along the Pacific Ocean. Bring your family (kids too) and friends to enjoy this exciting and yet laidback tropical exploration vacation.


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  • Intinerary Overview

    Day 1  
    Arrival at the Hautulco International Airport
    Meet your tour guide & transfer to your resort hotel
    Overnight in Huatulco

    Day 2 
    Catamaran & Snorkel Tour
    Overnight in Huatulco

    Day 3 
    Huatulco City Tour
    Time to Explore & Shop
    Travel to Puerto Escondido

    Overnight in Puerto Escondido

    Day 4
    Boat Ride to See Dolphins, Sea Turtles & Manta Rays
    Afternoon – Free Time

    Evening – Swim Among Millions of Plankton & GLOW!

    Overnight in Puerto Escondido

    Day 5:
    Free Day with Optional Activities
    Optional Tours

    –  Early Morning Kayaking & Birding Tour

    –  Ocean Sport Fishing

    –  Surf Lessons

    –  Spanish Language Survival Class

    Overnight in Puerto Escondido

    Day 6:
    Morning – Turtle Release
    Chacahua Lagoon National Park – Boat Tour
    Salsa Dance Lessons

    Evening – Salsa Dancing at a Beach Club

    Overnight in Puerto Escondido

    Day 7:
    View Iguanas & Crocodiles in the Wild by Boat

    Visit the National Mexican Turtle Center

    Meet with Local Families who make Natural Cosmetics

    Swim & Beach Time

    Farewell Dinner

    Overnight in Huatulco

    Day 8:

    Travel Day Home

  • Day 1:

    Upon your arrival to the Huatulco Airport (HUX), one of our local tour representatives will meet you and then take you to the Hotel Quinta Bella Huatulco (or similar).

    Day 2: (B,L)

    Welcome to your first full day of “Tropical Laidbackness.” Ok, so that’s not a real word but it does fit well. No rush!  No hurries! No worries! We trust that you left that all back home. Today is a day of acclimation to the more mellow tropical easygoing life. And what better way to get into the Margaritaville mood than to relax on an ocean day cruise out on the warm Pacific waters.

    The deep water port of Huatulco has a plethora of golden beaches; 36 in all. They are located around 9 picture postcard tropical bays or in Spanish, bahías. The deep blue Pacific ocean glistens in the background under the tropical southern sun.

    On this morning you will head out to sea in a spacious catamaran for a day of exploring the many bahías, look for marine life, and marvel at the sandy and sometimes rocky coastline. You will also have an opportunity to jump in the warm clear water to snorkel around a bit over the nearby coral reefs. Lunch will be at a beachside restaurant. You can sample and savor the mouthwatering seafood choices as well as other delicious fares.

    Overnight at the Hotel Quinta Bella Huatulco (or similar).

    Day 3:  (B)

    Before you officially start your second full day of exploration on Oaxaca’s tropical coast, go ahead and indulge in a leisurely breakfast. Enjoy another cup of coffee. Take a refreshing swim in the pool or ocean. Relax! You’re now on “México Time.”

    In the late morning, your local host guide will show you around Huatulco. Nothing heavy! He won’t inundate you with lots of historical facts to remember. It’s just an orientation of the town and also to see the many bays from some beautiful overlooks in the higher hills around the city. Get ready for some great selfies! The early afternoon is free to wander around on your own, visit some of the shops, and have a few cold drinks and lunch at one of the local restaurants. How’s that for laid-back tropical casual?

    In the late afternoon, everyone will take off on a short two hour road trip south down the coast. Your next destination . . . the seaside town of Puerto Escondido! There you will check in at the Hotel Rockaway (or similar). This hotel faces Zicatela Beach which is the longest beach in “Puerto.”

    Day 4:  (B)

    Rise and Shine! This will be the earliest wakeup call during your coastal exploration tour. This morning you will embark on another cruise into the blue Pacific, but this time in a smaller boat. Your exploratory mission today will be to look for schools of dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles. If you are lucky, you may see dozens of dolphins or perhaps a hundred or more. The manta rays are a little harder to find but they are there. Bring your swim suit as you will have the opportunity to hop in the water to see up-close, the slow-moving sea turtles you encounter. If you have a waterproof camera, you may want to bring it to capture images of these adorable sea creatures. On this boat cruise, your guide will also point out from your watery vantage point, the different bays of Puerto Escondido and the best beaches to go swimming in the ocean.

    Upon your return to your hotel, it will be time for a hearty breakfast with the rest of the morning and early afternoon to keep practicing your Tropical Laidbackness.

    In the evening, get ready for an experience of a lifetime! We have done our research and found that on this night there will be no moon (New Moon). There is a phenomenon of nature here on the Oaxaca coast which can only be seen when it is a moonless night. You will go on a night boat ride into a nearby lagoon where there will be millions of tiny plankton in the brackish water. Read a TripAdvisor review from someone who has already witnessed this natural phenomenon:

    “Really cool experience. We went during a time when the bio-luminescent phytoplankton was trapped in a lagoon. At night, the water glowed when disturbed. The wake from the boat was glowing and when we stopped, we got to jump into the warm water. It was amazing seeing the bright blue/green glow of the water as others and myself jumped into the warm water.  REALLY COOL!”  Mathew C.

    In other words, when you move your arms and hands around, you will GLOW! If you want all the scientific jargon on why this happens, just Google “Bioluminescence.”

    And if it is a cloudless evening on this moonless night, you should also be able to see millions of stars and quite possibly, our Milky Way Galaxy. As Mathew C. states, it’s “REALLY COOL!”

    Later, you will return to your hotel in Puerto Escondido and overnight there.

    Day 5:  (B)  

    Today is a “free day.” You are welcome to relax at the hotel pool, stroll on the beach, read a book, take a siesta under a shady beach palapa, watch the surfers, checkout the town, or sign up for one of our optional activities listed below.

    For the early morning joggers and walkers, the beach is the place to go. Zicatela Beach is almost 2 miles long (3 km) so you will have plenty of “trail” for your morning exercise. For those of you who opt for a more relaxed morning, breakfast at your leisure will be in the hotel restaurant with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean.

    FYI – Zicatela Beach is recognized as the 3rd best beach in the world for surfing. The waves can get as high as 30 feet (10 meters). So you can eat your breakfast while watching some of the surfers out there doing their thing.

    Optional Activities – You can also opt to go on one of 4 specialized tours.

    • Birding Tour by Boat or Kayak (3 hours / $49 UDS / min. 4) with a knowledgeable birding guide to spot many endemic and migratory birds
    • Ocean Sport Fishing (6 hours / $250 USD per boat / max. 5 pax)
    • Surf Lesson for Beginners (2 hours in the late afternoon / $25 USD pp)
    • Spanish Language Survival Class (2 hours in the afternoon / $25 USD pp)

    Overnight at Hotel Rockaway (or similar)

    Day 6:  (B)  

    Today you will become an official conservationist. This morning (if baby turtles have hatched the night before), you will have the opportunity to help release them into the ocean. With your assistance, they will then be less likely to be snatched up by sea birds as you will be there to guide and protect them until they reach the surf.

    Continuing on, you will travel to México’s Chacahua Lagoon National Park. This protected park is 53 square miles in size and actually consists of 5 lagoons connected by channels with mangrove trees on either side. Wildlife thrives in this park. Your group along with your host guide will travel by small motorized boat to explore this watery wonderland all the way to the sea. Along the way, you will learn about the different species of mangroves, view many birds, and learn about how the people who live in this environment survive.

    In the latter part of the afternoon back in Puerto Escondido, it will be time to put on your dancing shoes. Get ready for a lesson in Salsa dancing! An instructor will assist you in learning some of the basic moves.

    You may ask, “Why learn Salsa Dancing?”

    Because today is Saturday and on Saturday evenings, it’s Salsa Dancing in Puerto Escondido! Now you can try out your new-found dancing skills at one of the local beachside restaurant/bars. And if you don’t have a partner, there are always singles looking for a dance partner. It will be a night of great music and dancing under the warm night sky.

    Overnight at Hotel Rockaway (or similar)

    Day 7:  (B,D)  

    After breakfast, it will be time to say “Adios” to Puerto Escondido. But the fun is not over yet. Today you will visit several smaller seaside villages with some excellent views and pristine beaches.

    Your first stop will be … yep … another boat ride. Get your cameras out as you search for great photo-opts to “shoot” iguanas and crocodiles in the wild. Don’t worry, you’re in the boat and the crocs are in the water. There is no swimming on this boat tour. This all happens in Laguna Ventanilla.

    Next on the itinerary is a stop to visit the laid-back town of Mazunte. Here you will visit the National Mexican Turtle Center to learn even more about the research going on regarding the different species of turtles. There are 7 different kinds of turtles and you can find 4 of them here on the Oaxaca coast.

    Also in Mazunte, there is a co-op of a group of local families who produce cosmetics using only plants and natural oils. You will get to meet them and learn how they make these items with all natural ingredients. Of course, if you would like to purchase some, they would be most happy to let you take home a few of their products.

    Ready for a cold drink? Hungry? Then it’s time to do some “Hangin on the Beach.” There are rustic beachside restaurants where no one is in a hurry to go anywhere. On most days, you can also swim in the waters of this beach.

    When everyone is ready to continue, your guide will show you one more picturesque beach in another small nearby town called, Zipolite. Beware, the long stretch of beach here is “swimsuit optional.” Your choice!  ; )

    Finally, you will arrive back to the port of Huatulco and check in at the Hotel Quinta Bella Huatulco (or similar). A nice Farewell Dinner will be the time to reminisce about your trip and also to say good-bye to your host guide as your Oaxaca Pacific Coast Exploration Tour comes to a close.

    Overnight at Quinta Bella Huatulco (or similar)

    Day 8:  (B)

    Today is your travel day back home or to your next travel adventure. If you are catching a flight, the front desk can arrange for a taxi to take you there. And if you would like to stay a few days longer in Huatulco, just let us know. We can help make your hotel arrangements for a longer stay. Another suggestion for a longer stay is to head up to Oaxaca City to explore this most excellent Spanish Colonial town. We can set that up for you too.

    ¡Buen Viaje!


    2018 Trip Dates:  May 12-19 / August 8-15 / November 4-11

    2019 Tour Dates:  May 1-8  /  August 27-September 4  /  November 23-30

    (Contact Us for availability & to make your reservation)

    Note:  Tour dates listed above include day of arrival & departure

    • Interested in making this a private tour for 2-12 people? Please contact us for available dates and special trip price.
    • Want to customize this tour to fit your vacation schedule & interests?  We can help you. Just contact us and let’s get creative!



    Trip Difficulty:  Easy – Moderate

    Group Size:  4 – 12

    Suggested Minimum Age:  6 years old

    Arrival & Departure Location:  Huatulco Airport (HUX)  

    Deposit:  $350 USD per person

    Liability Release Form

    Terms and Conditions Form

    Trip Prices:  $1427 USD per adult / $740 UDS per child (6-11)

    Single Supplement:  $350 USD

    Included In Your Tour Price
    English/Spanish speaking local guide, airport pickup, all ground transportation, tours per itinerary, all appropriate equipment for each activity, 7 nights of hotel lodgings, 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

    Not Included In Your Tour Price
    Airfare, additional activities & meals not listed above, alcoholic drinks, optional activities listed on day 4, transfer to the Huatulco Airport on day 8, trip interruption insurance, trip medical insurance, tips for your tour guides, instructors & other helpful people

    “Really cool experience. We went during a time when the bio-luminescent phytoplankton was trapped in a lagoon. At night, the water glowed when disturbed. The wake from the boat was glowing and when we stopped, we got to jump into the warm water. It was amazing seeing the bright blue/green glow of the water as others and myself jumped into the warm water. REALLY COOL!”  Mathew C.